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America and its Free Society!  Those words alone can evoke many different meanings to people, not only in the good ol’ U.S. A., but all over the world.  This web site is not about how the world sees us.  It is about how we see ourselves and what we are so blind to. It is about an alternate American society.  It is about an American society that the majority of the population of the USA has no idea exists.  It walks parallel to the American society where most people live day to day.  It is a society that lurks in the shadows and mocks the very principals for which this country was founded. It is the shadow society.  It is a society where people who dare to speak out against events or happenings in the country or state, are harassed, threatened, followed, or whose phone lines are tapped for exposing injustices.   It is a society were political deals are made regardless of public desires, without public knowledge until a citizen becomes aware and blows the “whistle”.  Many times it is too late to stop whatever has been planned and corruption profits. It is how this shadow society exists in every state in the country. 

We will concentrate on New Jersey and secrets that some local and state government officials don’t want the public to know.  We will expose how these officials control the press keeping the truth hidden. This blog will deal with the different issues confronting New Jersey ranging from the state level to individual towns. We will question the actions of politicians and the effects of those actions on the public, especially when the benefits may not be what they seem.  We will explain who really will benefit, or who will benefit at the expense of the public. We will help to expose de facto discrimination, violation of human rights towards a citizen or a group, problems in health care, education, welfare of children and the elderly.  

We welcome all comments - pro and con - to a matter being discussed on this site.  However, we will not allow comments that bait or antagonize, or that are racist and just plain stupid.    If you are a serious blogger, addressing or questioning something that you have read on this site, or wish to contribute a diary, you will have a voice, even if we don’t agree with it.  Just so long as your statement does not encourage or preach hatred, racism, or other such distorted view. We welcome all sides to an argument.   We begin with the Native American Saga playing out now in New Jersey. This saga is part of the Shadow society- the Secret New Jersey.


This website was established by two experienced political bloggers who are active members in the Democratic party in NJ. We speak our minds, to the utter dismay of those elected officials who would choose to keep what we have to say - secret.

We needed to get the word out to you all, due to the media blackout that exists here in NJ. Many events you NEED TO KNOW are not being reported by our quickly shrinking newspapers here in NJ.  Often blogs are the first line of the 4th estate, exposing and breaking stories first.  It is in that spirit that we began this website.  We want to take what is hidden in the shadows and the cracks and expose it to the blinding light of day.  A democracy can ONLY survive with an INFORMED electorate.  That is our goal. 

Our first major story on this 400th anniversary of Hudson meeting the Lenape on our shores, is the terrible way the oldest indigenous Lenape tribe left in NJ is being treated by our own government.  We have the latest info here.  We will be putting up in the coming days all the information we have so far on this developing story.